Book it and Special Orders


The sheet of each article contains some important information. Here are the descriptions.

  • The number of items in stock
  • This product is no longer in stock
  • Book it
  • Special Order

The number of items in stock

For each item, the quantity in stock is displayed. In general, it is not possible to order more than the quantity available, except in the case of the majority of darts. For example, it is possible to order two sets of identical darts even if only one set is available. So pay special attention to the quantity in stock during your purchases.

This product is no longer in stock

This note tells you that the requested item is temporarily unavailable. When known, an approximate availability date appears below the note.

Book it

It is possible to order some items such as darts even if the available quantity is zero. When you order an item with the note "Book it", it will be added to our next order whose date appears at the bottom of this page.

If this item is part of an order where there are multiple items, the order will be held until it is complete.

Special Order

There are tens of thousands of items available in the wonderful world of darts. You will understand that it is almost impossible to display them all. The note "Special Order" indicates that you can still order these items that we do not usually keep in stock. It will be added to our next order, the approximate date of which appears at the bottom of this page.

Do not hesitate to contact us if the item you are looking for does not appear in our catalog.

It is important to note that items "Special Order" are not returnable, except in case of error on our part obviously.

Please note that our next order should arrive at our office during the week of May 23rd 2022 to May 27th 2022.